Rural Pearl – There is no hand

You have just recently started a lucrative position in a small rural hospital in Northern Vermont.  In your first week you are working a single provider overnight shift and a patient presents for a laceration to their left hand.   Hist…

Cystic Fibrosis in the Emergency Room

This series is designed to discuss topics that we might not routinely encounter during our training or how to manage patients we would normally triage to a sub-specialty service.   This pearl comes courtesy of an excellent review on emDoc….

Buruli Ulcer

The following scenario is based on a case that was seen in the Sinai ED this past week. A 52 yo M with hx of poorly controlled DM and HTN p/w rapidly progressing ulcer over the past 3 weeks of right lower extremity.  He has been afebrile an…

Spanish Phrases Parte Dos

Must Know Spanish Phrases: We are going to discharge you – le vamos a dar de alta You can go home today – Hoy se puede ir a casa You need to be hospitalized – Necesita ser hospitalizado You have to stay in the hospital…

EKG: Bradycardia and LBBB

A 75 year-old male with a history of systolic heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and COPD presents with complaints of shortness of breath to the ED. he presents with this ECG. A quick look at this ECG demonstrates bradyc…

Hey Guys, welcome to the Sinai Spanish Series brought to you by your TR Zac. I thought I would start with some basics that might help with communication  at Elmhurst. Remember if you don’t speak Spanish all important conversation shou…

Hypothermia ECG

For our clinical pearl today I thought I thought I would do some basic ECG teaching. This is a real case that I saw with Carlo at Elmhurst in the cardiac room. As always, we will start with a clinical scenario. A middle-aged male with unkno…

April 2017