Welcome to the Mount Sinai Emergency Medicine Rotation!

The Department of Emergency Medicine welcomes students to participate in an Acting Internship (AI) in Emergency Medicine. Students can rotate both at The Mount Sinai Hospital, Elmhurst Hospital Center,Mount Sinai Queens, Mount Sinai Morningside, and Mount Sinai West. Visiting students interested in The Mount Sinai Hospital and its affiliated EM residency program will be enrolled in the combined experience of The Mount Sinai Hospital and Elmhurst Hospital Center.

Students interested in learning more about the clerkship at The Mount Sinai Hospital, Elmhurst Hospital Center, and Mount Sinai Queens can find more information on this page. Students interested in learning more about the Mount Sinai Morningside and Mount Sinai West student clerkship can visit this site.

Over the course of 12 clinical shifts, students are exposed to a wide variety of cases including dedicated shifts in critical care and trauma. Students rotate as Acting Interns during this rotation and they are the primary providers for their patients. They develop skills in EM-specific differential diagnoses, assessments, plans, and procedures. Students at these sites are also offered the opportunity to be paired with an Emergency Medicine Resident for guidance and mentorship throughout the clerkship and beyond.

Topics for these dedicated lab sessions include EKG interpretation,  suturing, ultrasound, cardiac arrest and resuscitation, acute respiratory distress, and trauma. Rotations begin on Monday and last four weeks, consistent with the master fourth-year medical school calendar. Students must attend the Monday orientation and be available during the entire four-week rotation. See the curriculum section for more detail and information.

Mount Sinai Hospital and Elmhurst Hospital Center

Unique to the Mount Sinai Hospital and Elmhurst Hospital Center combined experience, students work in both a tertiary care academic medical center and a public level 1 trauma center making this rotation an exciting and incredibly diverse clinical experience.

Mount Sinai Hospital
Elmhurst Trauma Entrance

Mount Sinai Queens

Also a community-based Emergency Department, Mount Sinai Queens offers an especially diverse range of patients and clinical pathology.


This 4 week acting internship consists of didactics, clinical shifts, and a final exam. 

An orientation to the rotation takes place on the first day of the rotation. This takes place virtually at Mount Sinai Hospital, Elmhurst, and Mount Sinai Queens. Students are required to complete 12 clinical shifts throughout the month. Those electing to stay at The Mount Sinai Hospital for the duration of their clerkship will complete all of their shifts in the Fast Track, high acuity zones, and critical care areas of the Emergency Department. Students in the combined clerkship will complete 6 of their shifts at The Mount Sinai Hospital and 6 shifts at Elmhurst Hospital’s Emergency Department, which includes a dedicated critical care and trauma shift. Students may also elect to complete a shift in our pediatric emergency department at The Mount Sinai Hospital. Didactics throughout the month include a suture lab, a critical care lab, and an airway lab. Didactics programming concludes with a dedicated Simulation Day in our state-of-the-art Star Center (Simulation Teaching And Research Center). Students are divided into small groups and will practice their clinical skills in unique simulated scenarios that allow them to apply all that they learn throughout the rotation. 

Two weeks into the rotation, students meet with the clerkship directors one on one to review their clinical evaluations from the first half of the rotation. Mid Clerkship Feedback also allows students to share their experiences during the rotation and for the clerkship directors to provide guidance in the clerkship and the remaining year of medical school. The rotation concludes with a 50-question final exam reviewing content from both didactics and provided reading material. 

Shefali Trivedi, MD
Clerkship Director

Chandni Pawar, MD
Associate Clerkship Director

Micah Nite, MD
Elmhurst Clerkship Director
Director of Visiting Students

Matthew Bai, MD
Mount Sinai Queens Site Director

Vitaly Acosta
Clerkship Coordinator

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