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Welcome! This is the website for the Mount Sinai Emergency Ultrasound Division. It serves as an information resource for residents, fellows, medical students and others seeking information about point-of-care ultrasound. The ultrasound division exists to support our clinicians in caring for patients. Our program has several unique features. First, we care for a diverse population of patients in the greatest city in the world, alongside an amazing group of residents and faculty. Next, we have excellent relationships with other departments, allowing for clinical experiences in transesophageal echocardiography, Cardiology, Radiology, etc. We have a full-time sonographer working in our department, who plays an important role in operations, education, and research. We have many dedicated ultrasound division faculty with enormous experience and dedication to education, including two faculty members at the full professor rank. Our faculty have lectured around the world and held leadership positions in national and international ultrasound organizations.

There is a lot of information here, so please explore the site and send us feedback. To make things easier for new users we’ve condensed some of the highlights here:

Tutorials covering the FAST exam, the RUSH examcardiac ultrasoundobstetricspneumothorax assessment and more. Instructions on using the S-Cath and M-Turbo.

An overview of our ultrasound division Faculty and selected Publications

Information on our ultrasound courses including our: ASM-I medical school course,  Regional CME course and NYC city-wide resuscitative ultrasound

Details of our Rotation open to residents and students and the Manual that serves as text.

You can see great POCUS videos on our POCUS4Peds YouTube channel and our SinaiEMultrasound YouTube Channel!

Recent Ultrasound Posts

Using the M-Turbo

1. Power on the machine 2. Press the Start & End key to enter the patient data screen 3. Enter exam data: Patient Last: YOUR IBEX initialsPatient ID: Patient’s MR#Press Done 4. Select the desired transducer: Cardiac/Abdo: Cardiac, general torso scanning (including FAST, gallbladder, aorta, etc.)Abdo: general torso scanningSmall parts: venous access, procedure guidance, DVT, soft tissueICT: Intracavitary probe for transvaginal pelvic imaging […]

Recommended Views

These imaging criteria are based on the American College of Emergency Physicians’ Emergency Ultrasound Imaging Criteria Compendium, approved by the ACEP Board of Directors in 2006. While no set number of stored images is recommended by that document, the minimal imaging views listed below may be useful for learners and may serve as a reminder […]