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Hair Apposition

A HAT (Hair Apposition Technique) Trick Written by Mike Barsky Lacerations are one of the most common reasons patients present to the ED. Most lacerations require primary closure to avoid infection and achieve a functional and aesthetically pleasing scar. Patients want a repair that is quick, painless, cheap, w/ a low infection rate and minimal […]

Tis the season, summer edition

As the late spring rains have begun to fade and the temperature rises mercilessly into the 80s and beyond, summer is finally upon us. And with summer comes a host of diseases for the emergency physician to consider. Heat stroke, mosquito- and tick-borne illnesses, chicken pox, an expanding measles outbreak…and a less threatening cause of […]

Oh no baby WHAT IS U DOIN’?

Neonatal Resuscitation. (Some descriptors for reference: Terrifying. Scary. Fear-inducing. Horrific. Chilling.) But fear not! Your TR pearl today is brought to you by the NICU rotation + Jillian Nickerson/T.Webb doing some excellent preparatory work for/with you. So there’s this thing called the NRP — Neonatal Resuscitation Program. It different from PALS mainly that it pertains […]