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Puff Puff Pass the Ketamine

Nebulized Ketamine for Pain Written by Erena Weathers Dear ketamine enthusiastsEver wonder why there aren’t more ways to give your patient this wonderful drug? Well here’s one more route of administration that is easy and clinically relevant. You know about IV and IM, but did you know you can nebulize ketamine for therapeutic benefit?  Drapkin […]

Serotonin Syndrome

Agents that Can Precipitate Serotonin Syndrome Cocaine MDMA Tramadol Cyclobenzaprine Dextromethorphan St. John’s Wort MAOI Fentanyl Treatment for serotonin syndrome involves supportive care, discontinuing the offending agent, and providing the antidote. Sedation with benzodiazepines is important for controlling agitation as well as correcting mild increases in blood pressure and heart rate. Haloperidol and Droperidol should […]