SAH and CT

I wanted to touch on some cool research that was circulated in the SinaiEM Journal Club WhatsApp this morning inspired by the Journal Feed newsletter. If you have trouble staying up to date on EM research, Journal Feed can help! It sends one paper a day and summarizes it pretty well. To sign up, click here. […]

Painless Jaundice

Case Summary: 22 y/o M no pmh p/w painless jaundice x 5 days in the setting of recent febrile illness 1 week prior and taking Tylenol 1g q6h for several days. Physical exam was positive for jaundice, otherwise normal. Notable lab findings include:HepA IgM positiveElevated LFTs with ALT in 1400sCoags normalAPAP level negativeVBG/BMP normalUS RUQ […]

VMR Pearl: Epiglottitis and Stridor

Shoutout to Dr. Anthony Torres who presented a great case on Epliglottis! Here are the main takeaways: Epiglottitis is now primarily an adult diagnosis. The vaccine to H. Flu has largely eradicated pediatric epiglottitis, however this immunity fades! Features: three D’s (not specific) – Drooling, Dysphagia, Distress. (Also, usually no cough, but + Stridor) Inspiratory vs expiratory […]

Management of Abdominal Pain in the ED

For more information on ED Pain Management check out the PainFreeED website. Information is taken from a lecture by Dr. Sergey Motov. Follow Dr. Sergey Motov’s @painfreeED Why It Matters Abdominal pain is the most frequent complaint in United States emergency departments (EDs), accounting for approximately 8% of all adult ED visits (1,2). In most […]

Must Know EM Articles

This is a compiled resource for medical students of 52 practice-changing, high yield articleswithin Emergency Medicine. The articles were compiled by the website Academic Life inEmergency Medicine ( where they polled academic attendings to compile a list ofsome of the most important articles to read during intern year. Here, we provide summaries ofeach article along […]

To “B” or not to “B”

An Ode to Bougie Written by Paul Johnston So what’s a bougie?  If you already know, skip this paragraph.  A bougie is a flexible rod used to aid intubations. During a “conventional” intubation an ET tube with a malleable metal stylet inside is pushed past the vocal cords into the airway, then the stylet is removed, the cuff inflated, voila.  Since […]


Is Your Cat Rabid or Just a Psychopath? Written by Erena Weathers First and foremost, rabies due to domesticated dogs in the US is pretty much eradicated. From 1960 to 2018, 127 human rabies cases were reported in the US, and a quarter were due to dog bites in returning travelers, and 70% were due to bats. From […]

Pacemaker Problems

More than just what company makes it Written by Erena Weathers Pacemakers have their own code.  Position I: which chamber is pacedPosition II: where the pacemaker senses the intrinsic rhythmPosition III: response to sensing T = Sensed activity results in triggering of paced activity I = Sensed activity results in inhibition of pacing activity Position […]


Opioids and why Written by Erena Weathers Case: you have someone who broke their leg doing a ~*~sick~*~ skateboard trick. They stuck the landing, and their tib-fib snapped. They’re ready to be discharged and you feel like the good ‘ol Tylenol/Motrin won’t be enough to get them through the next couple of days. You decided […]

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