Supraorbital block, Avir’s Decision-Making Gospel

Today is a 2 parter: 1) The Supraorbital (+supratrochlear) block for forehead lacs and 2) Comments on decision-making TNF at Ethyl’s 84th and 2nd again, 8 PM TLDR: The Supraorbital block will save you time and make your life easier/patient happier – WATCH THE 3 MIN VID; We are DECISION MAKERS – make decisions, learn from them, READ THE ATTACHMENT, get […]

Elmhurst Radiology Tips

“Hey let’s get bed 3 over to CT quick” “Any word on bed 3’s scans?” “Why hasn’t bed 3 gone to CT yet?!?” We’ve all been there. Here are some tips and tricks on how to work effectively with our radiology colleagues. TLDR: Be polite, check the GFR>30, make sure the line works, get charge involved, use the […]

Lac washouts done the right way

We know how important it is to wash out our patients’ wounds, but we also know what a pain and mess it can be, especially on a busy side. This is a quick pearl that was handed to me as an intern (I believe by our very own Dr. Erena Weathers) that has been an everyday GAME […]

How to win friends and influence people: NURSING EDITION

The relationship you have with your nurses will make or break you. You want need to have a strong working relationship with them. Here are some tips on how to do this, featuring amazing advice from ‘a washed up ex-ED nurse’ – our favorite and still family Molly Sullivan (now in the CCU). Also featuring advice from a handful of […]

Thyroid Storm Management

TR Pearl: Thyroid Storm Management Diagnosing Thyroid Storm:  Management Things to keep in mind For patients in thyroid storm or impending storm If thyroid storm for sure, add glucocorticoids. They reduce T4 to T3 conversion. Other treatment considerations: 

Fever in the Asplenic Patient

Fever in the Asplenic Patient Why we care Patient population Role of the spleen Top Infectious Ddx Management **The single most important thing you can do is obtain blood cultures and administer empiric IV antibiotics without any delay** Antibiotic Choice  Other treatment considerations Diagnostics Disposition: Admission for a minimum of 72 hours

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