“Doc, I’m Blind!”

Super cool case, admittedly, maybe not a super high yield diagnosis BUT, I hope we can all agree, still very dope. Case: CC: 46yo M p/w worsening b/l vision over 1mo, now blind.  Vitals: WNL PMHx: L eye global rupture ~6mos ago 2/2 nail pen…

MRI Basics

As the stellar EM provider that you are, you’ve probably gotten pretty great at independently reading CTs, XRs, and even formal ultrasounds at this point. But what about the mysterious MRI? You know your consults need them, the radiologist…

A can’t miss head CT finding

For today’s TR pearl, I’d like to take you back to January 2020, when covid was just a foreign virus and I was a fresh-faced intern, shadowing one of our recent grads, Dr. Sengupta in the cardiac room, along with Dr. Meyers. EMS…

To send home or not – AC in nephrotic syndrome

This deep dive came from a question posed during a morning report by Jackson. Jackson presented the case of a patient presenting with a swollen penis at MSBI, found to have low albumin and diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. These patients a…

Blood on the Dance Floor

We’ve all seen that movie where some old person coughs into a handkerchief and as the camera slowly pans away, there’s some blood stain. You know that guy isn’t making it to the end of the movie… Today, let’s t…

What with all these eyes?

As it may become very apparent, I take a lot of photos of interesting eye pathology. So what do you think is going on here? What if I told you that this had been going on for the past few days and they had been using steroid drops…

March 2022