Mental Health Resources

If you are in need of mental health resources, please find some resources below. Do not be afraid to talk to your chiefs and the APDs/PD if you need additional support. STMH links to 24/7 support and crisis hotlines ACEP Wellness Assistance…

Outdoor Activities

Hikes Most within 1.5 hours of NYC, some of these are accessible via MetroNorth. You can also rent a ZipCar for the day (check out the Mount Sinai recreation website for a better deal on ZipCars). Download the AllTrails app to help navigate…

Theater Tickets

THEATER TICKETS In NYC there are shows/sports games/ performances of any type you can imagine, and here is a brief guide to scoring some great tickets!  First, this link to has an array of Sinai-…

Museums & Art

So, of the 83 museums in New York City, here are a handful that are worth spending a day off getting lost inside. Be sure to get a NYC ID if you don’t already have one for discounted tickets. Also, free museum days and times are game change…

Senior Tracks Draft

Senior Tracks (also known as specialty tracks) are mini-fellowships that explore various topics within Emergency Medicine. The Mount Sinai Emergency Medicine Residency currently offers about 20 specialty tracks that residents can tailor to…

Scholarly Tracks

Overview The Mount Sinai Emergency Medicine Residency Scholarly Tracks allow residents to explore and develop demonstrable expertise in areas within Emergency Medicine. Our scholarly track program is designed to expose residents to dimensio…

October 2021