1. Power on the machine

2. Press the Start & End key to enter the patient data screen

Power on the machine, then press the Start&End key to log in

3. Enter exam data:

  1. Patient Last: YOUR IBEX initials
  2. Patient ID: Patient’s MR#
  3. Press Done
Enter your IBEX initials, patient medical record number, and press “Done”

4. Select the desired transducer:

  • Cardiac/Abdo: Cardiac, general torso scanning (including FAST, gallbladder, aorta, etc.)
  • Abdo: general torso scanning
  • Small parts: venous access, procedure guidance, DVT, soft tissue
  • ICT: Intracavitary probe for transvaginal pelvic imaging

Select the desired transducer

5. Freeze images you might want to keep

  • Slide your finger left and right on the track pad to scroll through the image memory buffer

6. Save images to the machine’s memory

You can also SAVE VIDEO CLIPS!

Freeze images, save them to machine memory