The Dangers of Hiccups!

Intro For the first pearl during our reign, I wanted to teach about the most dangerous thing I could think of. Hiccups. There are some dangerous etiologies out there so stay tuned. TR Pearls – <5 minutes – Often benign and self-limiting, but if persistent may be due to a medication, GERD, stroke, ACS or […]

End Tidal Waveform Capnography

tl;dr (<5 minutes) Quantitative end tidal: Partial pressure of CO2 in the gas sample at the end of expiration. You get a numeric value and a wave-form. EtCO2 is typically lower than PaCO2 due to anatomical and pathological dead space. Normal EtCO2 range is about 35-40 mmHg.  Role in Intubation: End tidal is used as […]

Stroke Mimics: A Review

Intro: Stroke is the third leading cause of death and number one cause of disability in the United States.  Classically, strokes present with sudden onset focal neurological deficits in a vascular distribution and need prompt assessment and management to re-establish blood flow and avoid brain damage.  However, the diagnosis of stroke is not always straightforward.  […]

Unstable C-Spine Fractures

Intro You are working a BNT shift at Elmhurst and you pick up a patient who is complaining of neck pain after a fall. Do they need to be in a c-collar? Should you order a CT c-spine? What are the unstable c-spine injuries you are looking for?  Shout out to Rozy for trying to […]

March 2023