Cxr Adequacy

CXR’s can be misleading, some common points to be aware of: Erect vs supine (fluid layering): AP view can magnify the heart (PA vs AP): Rotation – are the spinous processes centered between the medial edges of the clavicles? Not…

Nose Refresher

    A resident of ill-repute was minding his own business on the way to his shift when he was assaulted. He complains of nose pain and that conference is too early in the morning. The attending was anxiously awaiting the arrival o…

Improving left upper quadrant view

Many clinicians are challenged when evaluating patients for perisplenic fluid as part of the FAST or RUSH examination. Here are some common problems and how to fix them. Fix probe location Make sure you are holding the probe in a longitudi…

SonoSweden 2015

Bret Nelson and Felipe Teran took part in an incredible conference just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Over one hundred participants and twenty faculty attended this sold-out conference at the Hasseludden Yasuragi Japanese spa . Among the lu…

Admit for Esbl Uti?

You have a patient sent by her PMD for a UTI. She had just received her culture results showing ESBL that is susceptible only to carbapenems. The PMD wants her admitted for IV antibiotics. She has no other symptoms. Is there a way to avoid…

Rob Rogers on Aortic Dissection

Rob Rogers gave a great lecture on aortic dissection at the NYU Med Ed conference yesterday. Here are the highlights: -not common, but it is a killer -classic presentation in 1/3 -aortic dissection can be subtle (isolated abdominal/extremit…

February 2015