The second session of the 1st International Consensus Conference on Pleural and Lung Ultrasound was held in Pisa, Italy May 11-12.  Ultrasound leaders from across the globe were present, including Mount Sinai’s Jim Tsung. Thwarting recent Icelandic ash clouds, Dr. Tsung teleconferenced in as the the conferences’ first virtual attendee.

Dr. Tsung joined notable faculty including:

  • Roberto Copetti
  • Mahmoud El Barbary
  • Luna Gargani
  • Daniel Lichtenstein
  • Gerhard Mathis
  • Andrea Reissig
  • Gino Soldati
  • Giovanni Volpicelli

As well as other leaders in thoracic ultrasound imaging. The conference focused on establishing common nomenclature for thoracic ultrasound anatomy, a review of literature published on the topic, and presentations of research by Dr. Roberto Copetti (neonatal & pediatric lung ultrasound) and Jim Tsung (pediatric pneumonia and bronchiolitis).

The third session is scheduled for October 7-9 in Rome. This will coincide with the WINFOCUS 6th World Congress on Ultrasound in Emergency and Critical Care.

Here is a list of some of the key publications which will serve as the evidence base for the consensus conference:

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