Policlinico Gemelli
Winfocus 2010 at Policlinico Gemelli

WINFOCUS held the 6th world congress on Ultrasound in Emergency and Critical Care at the Policlinico Gemelli in Rome, Italy this year.  Sinai was represented by Jim Tsung and Phil Andrus.  The excitement included sessions devoted to development of consensus on point of care ultrasound for: vascular access and thoracic ultrasound.  There was an also an emphasis on the use of ultrasound in resuscitation – HCMC’s Rob Reardon led a session on integration of ultrasound into Adult resucitation and Sinai’s Jim Tsung led the counterpart Pediatric session.  The conference wrapped up with a very interesting research forum and an invitation to the next world congress in New Delhi, India.


What trip to Rome would be complete without some b-roll pics to supplement future EUS presentations?  A colleague suggested we obtain the following image.

Can you guess the diagnosis?

Finally, our days were long at Gemelli, but we managed to get out a bit.  We ate at Pier Luigi the first night.  Saw U2 at the stadio olimpico on the second night.  On the last day, Jim and I made it to Trastevere to meet up with friends at a Da Carlone for Cacio e Pepe and a Carbonara.  Our only sightseeing for the trip was the walk home after dinner the night before we flew back.  Arrivaderci, Roma.

Winfocus 2010 End of Conference
Winfocus 2010 End of Conference

Crossing the Tiber

Dr. Tsung at the Trevi Fountain
Dr. Tsung at the Trevi Fountain