Missed CORD? Here are a few take home thoughts from @BenAzan and @NupurGargMD. This is by no means meant to be comprehensive, but represents the learning points of a couple of senior residents at CORD.
Education – Career in Academics: 
  • Strive to get where you want academically BUT don’t necessarily to have I keep going up hierarchy to be happy –
  • Know thy self, if you are where you want to be, just bask in it
  • Important to have mentors and identify them consciously
  • Saying NO (to projects) important. Don’t say yes and not do it, that’s worst than saying no
  • Always ask yourself: What is the end goal, chose projects based on that
  • Make projects count twice (or more)
  • When starting education project, plan/anticipate publication right from the start
  • Have a system for keeping track of accomplishments. EVERYTHING remotely academic/education/innovative counts.
  • FOAMed is now legitimate pathway to scholarship (1/4 of CORD was about FOAMed). Peer review publications still main currency though
  • Know the promotion criteria at your institution (there is usually document)
  • EM is small community: Network + don’t burn bridges, ever


Financial Planning for Young Faculty:
  • Repay student loans ASAP
  • Consider separate disability insurance (employers provide but only while in that job)
  • Consider personal liability insurance: litigious society and MDs are targets
  • Err on the side of live modestly
    • Avoid having to work longer and harder to keep with your life style
    • Think twice about the vacation home, unless you are turning into investment



  • Limit lectures to 20 minutes
  • Try to incorporate spaced repetition
  • Explore Pecha Kucha (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide) as to improve junior presentations kills (forces condensing material, more volunteers for 7 min talk)
  • Teaching Millennials: 
    • Short attention spans
    • Experiential learning
    • Group (less individual) learning, connected, collaborative learning experience
    • Want to have work life balance
    • Over Communicate
    • Having a relaxed environment, but also need some limits
    • Multimedia tools, multiple modalities


Conflict Resolution:
  • There are 5 different techniques/approaches:
    • Competing -> force your issues
    • Collaboration -> both people are happy with solution, both get what they want, takes a lot of time
    • Compromising -> Giving up something more than collaboration, a middle ground but giving up some of your ground
    • Avoiding -> ignoring, can be used as temporizing measure, but if used to much, does not resolve any issues
    • Accommodation -> give the other person whatever they want, ok for low priority issues
  • Picking your battles: sometime use avoid or accommodation in low stakes cases, and reserving competing / collaboration, comprise in time you are more interested in outcome
  • Consciously maintain ego in mind: Am I more concern about being right or finding best solution?
  • Approach to conflict with consultant:
    • State Facts
    • Tell your perspective / story
    • How do they see it
    • Discussion


Entrepreneur in Academia:
  • Know your contact, who owns the IP of your projects
    • Can use Google Patent search
    • Work with your patent office or innovation office
    • Can have your institution pay for patenting fees (they may own or co-own patent subsequently, clarify co-ownership terms)
  • To get angel investors: they don’t want your to also be working clinically, want you to be all in. Can start with a mix of clinical  / entrepreneurial, but for major funding, many investors want 100% of your time on project.
  • Take your passion and grow it
  • Start things that feel right to you. Quit when it doesn’t feel right anymore
  • Procrastination on projects can be a good thing, allows time for ideas to mature
  • Many entrepreneurs end up leaving their academic institution when starting their company. To avoid that:
    • Start project before you join
    • Do something non-medical (avoids ownership disputes)
    • Clearly work out ownership deal with your institution right from the start


  • Apparently, post-traumatic appendicitis is a thing
  • Watch out for trauma as red earring to medical complaints
June 2024