“I’m worried about losing my sense of humor…sometimes situations make me feel I’m losing that and then I’m just bitter.”

“I actually think I’ve retained my compassion and empathy well…I think I have gained skepticism perhaps in exess of what is healthy.”

“My sense of tragedy. Not just in the classic sense of someone dying being considered as tragic but also in terms of what may be tragic to a patient may seem minor to me and I want to maintain my ability to remember this…A sickle cell exacerbation which prevents a patient from attending his graduation and which reminds him that he will never have a “normal life.” This can be tragic as well.”

“I feel I’ve definitely lost some degree of compassion in favor of expediency. The ED seems to value efficiency over thoroughness, patience, and sometimes even empathy, and this has spilled over into my real life as well….It’s not a good feeling and my patience and empathy are things that I feel I’m constantly trying to recover.”

“I’m losing confidence as I advance through my medical training…I try to listen to PA’s, nursing, seniors and attending…but many conflict…once I add new literature to the picture, I cannot tell what is the right thing to do for patients.”

“Joy and compassion.”