In light of my being called in for sick call today and working a shift, here are 2 short and simple Wellness Pearls brought to you by Abe Lishansky and Jeff Nusbaum, respectively.


  1. Follow these steps to create about 1200 MB free space on your IPhone (Lishansky, 2016)

–Go to Apple Store

–Click to rent the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Then click cancel.

  • Why LoTR? Because of the films’ long duration and HD quality (hence why a larger file than the Godfather trilogy; bigger file, the better).

–Then go back to Settings->General->Storage and witness the miraculous rise in MB.

  • Why does this happen? Who knows.


2. Delve into your past and delete the IMessage conversations for which you have no need, or that you want to erase forever and pretend never existed (Nusbaum, 2016).