Despite the fact that some at Sinai believe that social media is not essential for your education, others think it’s critically important.

The concept is called FOAM for Free Open Access Medical education. You can read a full history of the term here.

If you are new to the game, here are a few pointers to get started:

  • First, if you are a complete newbie, that’s ok, check out this article about how to get started with all the technology (ironically this article is not open access) 
  • Lets take a moment to look at the Sinai home grown FOAM resources:
    • – “A discussion of the practice of ED Critical Care” – by the legendary Scott Weingart 
    • – You have to know the basics! Jeremy Faust and Lauren Westafer have an awesome podcast going over bread and butter emergency medicine topics.
    • – A curated database of FOAM resource from around the internet, all topics, categorized by theme and searchable.
  • Other great blogs at the forefront of the FOAMed world:
    • – “Digital connection to the cooperative world of EM” – by Michelle Lin and her amazing group of clinicians
    • – “Exploring the changing world of eLearning, emergency medicine, critical care and toxicology” by our friends Downunder Mike Cadogan & Chris Nickson.
    • – Review of both core and cutting edge Emergency medicine topics, written by residents, reviewed by attendings.
    • – Review of core emergency medicine topics by resident and attending with peer review.
    • – Amal Mattu teaches us all about EKGs!
    • – Resident run reviews of a broad set of topics in EM.

There are countless more blogs and resources out there for every interest, from toxicology, to pediatrics, to literature reviews.

Get started with these, I’m sure you’ll soon get drawn into discovering more and more content.

May 2024