Ellis Classification System

  • Ellis I: extends through enamel (radiopaque)
  • Ellis II: extends through dentin (less radiopaque; similar to bone)
    • tender to touch/air
    • visible yellow layer of dentin
  • Ellis III: extends through pulp (radiolucent)
    • tender to touch/air
    • visible pink/red area at center of tooth

ellis fracture III (EMedicine)

ED Management

  • Ellis I: smooth rough corners; no urgent care required; cosmetic follow-up
  • Ellis II: cover exposed dentin w/ layer of zinc oxide or calcium hydroxide paste to prevent infection; f/u within 24 hrs
  • Ellis III: cover exposed dentin as above; Abx against intraoral flora (Penicillin or Clindamycin); emergency dental referral
  • *At Sinai, we use a dentin putty