For Friday’s missed pearl:

CXR characteristics of pneumonia for the boards:

–       Strep pneumoniae – single lobar infiltrate in lower lobes, small pleural effusion, abscess formation

–       Group A strep – patchy multi-lower-lobe infiltrates, large pleural effusion

–       H influenza – patchy basilar infiltrates, occ pleural effusion

–       Klebsiella – upper lobe infiltrates, bulging fissure, abscess formation

–       Staph A – patchy multicentric infiltrates, pneumothorax, empysema, abscess formation


Other classic sputum associations:

–       bloody or rusty = pneumococcus

–       currant jelly = klebsiella

–       foul smelling = anaerobic

–       green color = pseudomonas, h. flu or strep pneumoniae