Michael Blaivas organized an exciting preconference course on evaluation of the acutely decompensating patient.  Bret Nelson (speaking about vascular catastrophes) and Jim Tsung (describing the nuances of this evaluation in the pediatric patient) were among those presenting.

Faculty from emergency and critical care backgrounds gave cutting-edge presentations and the feedback from registrants was excellent. Faculty and their lectures after the break!

  • Introduction
    • Michael Blaivas, MD
  • Acute Cardiac Complications in the ED
    • Paul Sierzenski, MD, RDMS
  • Decompensation of Chronic Cardiac Pathology in the ICU
    • Sajid Shahul, MD
  • Acute Pulmonary Decompensation
    • Achikram Ore-Grinberg, MD
  • Vascular Emergencies in the Decompensating Patient
    • Bret Nelson, MD, RDMS
  • Neurological Evaluation in the Decompensating Patient
    • J. Christian Fox, MD, RDMS
  • Volume and Pressure Status Determination in the Acutely Decompensating Patient
    • Romolo Gaspari, MD, MS
  • Pediatric Patient Evaluation Nuances
    • James Tsung, MD
  • Review of Published Protocols and Symptomatic Approach
    • Skrikar Adhikari, MD, RDMS

During the break, some faculty and friends enjoyed lunch at Kansas City Barbeque, made famous in the movie Top Gun.

(Clockwise from left): Romolo Gaspari, David Blehar, Bret Nelson, Paul Sierzenski, Eitan Dickman, Jim Hwang, Maria, and Vicki Noble