Today’s pearl comes to you directly from Dr. Reuben Strayer ( and I think is particularly applicable to resident learners.  The traditional teaching for CVC placement has involved needle puncture and stabilization of said needle followed by detaching the syringe and threading a wire.  Many, typically less experienced providers (i.e. residents), have a tendency to move the needle (even while attempting to keep it stable) while removing the ultrasound or while unscrewing the syringe.  This process often dislodges the needle making it impossible to threat the wire.  A technique that has been around for some time, but is underutilized, is the wire through catheter technique, which allows you to thread a catheter over the needle so that it remains stable inside the vein, rather than having to perform the more difficult task of stabilizing the needle.  The two techniques are demonstrated in the video attached to the link that follows.  Also, do not forget your confirmatory techniques, which are discussed in the video as well.  Without further ado, the soothing voice of Dr. Strayer.