“Doc, I’m Blind!”

Super cool case, admittedly, maybe not a super high yield diagnosis BUT, I hope we can all agree, still very dope. Case: CC: 46yo M p/w worsening b/l vision over 1mo, now blind.  Vitals: WNL PMHx: L eye global rupture ~6mos ago 2/2 nail pen…

What with all these eyes?

As it may become very apparent, I take a lot of photos of interesting eye pathology. So what do you think is going on here? What if I told you that this had been going on for the past few days and they had been using steroid drops…

Visual Diagnosis

What do you think is going on here? So if you were the resident who signed up for this patient what would you do? As may be obvious, this is herpes zoster ophthalmicus, which is a reactivation of the VZV in cranial nerve V ophthalmic divisi…

Globe Subluxation

Apologies for the lack of recent pearls. Now that the website is back up and running, we’ll be going back to our regularly scheduled programming. “Hey doc, my eyeball popped out”. It’s a chief complaint that we don…

Intermittent Visual Symptoms

57 yo M with PMHx of uncontrolled DM and HTN who presents with 3 weeks of intermittent  visual problems. Patient reports he sees flashes on both left sides of visual fields in both eyes. He is also unable to process 3D spacing and has troub…

March 2024