Kitty Bites Cat Lady

30 yo F presents c/o bite wound to her face by her pet cat. The cat was nervous because she was in a new home, otherwise the cat did not exhibit any unusual behavior and has all its vaccines. The patient is uptodate with vaccines as well. T…

Can I Use That Central Line?

All of us have placed central line before.  You enter the vein under ultrasound. The wire threads easily, or maybe there is a little resistance, but the wire passes anyway.  You dilate, place the catheter and suture it in place.  You then o…

Scuba Do

A 33 yo  man presents to the ED with multiple complaints 2 hours after completing a scuba dive.  Which of the following symptoms indicates a need for recompression therapy? Decreased hearing Ear pain Epistaxis Knee pain Petechial rash

My Aicd Won’t Stop Firing!

65 yo M PMH of HTN, CAD, CHF (EF <30%), AICD wheeled into the cardiac room saying that he is getting shocked every 30 seconds. Vitals: T 36 HR 45 BP 205/100 RR 30 O2 sat 100% RA. Pt is placed on a monitor, EKG done which shows atrial fib…

Ouch, My Back

34 yo M BIBA s/p fall from 3 stories, suicidal attempt. Pt is AO3, CTA b/l, pelvis stable, able to lift all extremities off stretcher, sensation and peripheral pulses intact. Pt has right lateral heel/ankle deformity. +step off L1-L2 area,…

Urinary Tract Infection & Pregnancy

An 8 month pregnant female arrives to the ED complaining about dysuria. She is nontoxic appearing, afebrile. Exam significant for +suprapubic tenderness, -CVA tenderness. UA +leuks, +nitrates. 1) What antibiotic regimen should she be starte…

More Than Just Teenage Angst

An 18 year old female presents to the ED with vague symptoms of lower back pain. She exhibited inappropriate and erratic behavior that seemed more than just teenage angst. The patient was thin in NAD and had a grossly normal musculoskeletal…

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