A construction worker presents after spilling industrial cleaner on his hand while cleaning a brick building:

 Hf Burn

What possible chemical exposure should you be concerned about? What is the treatment?


  • Most commonly used in glass etching, and for cleaning brick/porcelain.
  • May initially be pain-free but can cause tremendous pain out of proportion to burn appearance
  • Systemic toxicity: HYPERkalemia, HYPOmagnesemia, HYPOcalcemia, can lead to cardiac arrest
  • Death reported after just 2-3% body surface area exposure!


  1. Skin decontamination (remove clothes, copiously irrigate)
  2. Correct electrolyte abnormalities
  3. Topical calcium gluconate gel: will sequester fluoride ions to prevent further toxicity, may help to correct hypocalcemia
  • **If commercial calcium gel is not available, mix 3.5 g calcium gluconate powder with 140 g (5 oz) of water soluble surgical lubricant. 


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