“Lack of support in hospital/department. Social isolation, Lack of free time. Loss of confidence in your own abilities.”

“…the fact that everything is on you…to push patients, to draw labs, to call consults, to juggle everything and have excellent charting and in the end if everything goes wrong its’ ultimately totally your fault. Our jobs are way to hard to fall all on one person and I feel like everyday I am fighting a battle I can’t possibly win…”

“Misuse of the ED, patients come for things/complaints that are generally not appropriate for the ED.”

“…lack of big picture thinking, feeling like I have more to contribute but uncertain how to make that contribution.”

“…overworked, lack of positive feedback, poor attitudes in colleagues, not feeling effective, mistreatment.”

“lack of consistent working teams (new people every shift – attendings, residents)…unclear purpose…feeling adrift.”

“I think burnout can occur when you lose a sense of adding value to a patient’s care. I get concerned about seeing patients and making decisions without putting real thought into them.”

“When things go wrong, all the blame falls on you, or at least you feel that way. When things go right, nobody notices or cares.”