Thyroid Storm Management

TR Pearl: Thyroid Storm Management Diagnosing Thyroid Storm:  Management Things to keep in mind For patients in thyroid storm or impending storm If thyroid storm for sure, add glucocorticoids. They reduce T4 to T3 conversion. Other treatment considerations: 

Fever in the Asplenic Patient

Fever in the Asplenic Patient Why we care Patient population Role of the spleen Top Infectious Ddx Management **The single most important thing you can do is obtain blood cultures and administer empiric IV antibiotics without any delay** Antibiotic Choice  Other treatment considerations Diagnostics Disposition: Admission for a minimum of 72 hours

Meconium Aspirator in GI Bleed

This week, I wanted to touch a bit on Meconium Aspirators as apart of our GI Bleed intubation tool kit. At some point during second year, many of my fellow classmates and I started throwing these into airway boxes at Elmhurst. Especially in cardiac/resus, I think knowing to reach for one when you need one […]

PEG Tube Dislogement

Why is this a pearl? We get G-tube dislodgments quite often at Sinai, and they can be an easy patient encounter with a quick note and quick dispo. But they made me so nervous as an intern and early 2! Now I love ‘em and you can love ‘em too!  ** GJ-tubes or J-tubes do not get […]

Asthma and Redlining

“Take a deep breath and hold it. Now without exhaling, try to breathe in again.” We were in the cardiac room, discussing a young man that had died a few hours before we came onto our shift. He had been brought in after he was found in the subway with albuterol inhalers all around him. […]

TB in the ED

Tuberculosis in the ED Patient presents to Elmhurst ED with cough, hemoptysis, night sweats and fatigue – quick, what’s the first diagnosis that comes to mind? This is the classic presentation for tuberculosis. But several times now I have been surprised by less typical symptoms of TB. So I thought it might be helpful to […]

Sickle Cell Disease Emergencies

Sickle cell disease affects ~ 100,000 people in the US. Though pain is the most common ED presentation for patients with SCD, we should always consider life-threatening emergencies in this devastating and complicated disease.  Acute Chest Syndrome ACS is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in patients with SCD. It’s caused by sickling in […]

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