Feedback: The PO trial of Med-Ed

 Intro I am going to switch it up and give a TR pearl on a “hidden curriculum” skill – How to deliver effective feedback. This is loosely based on an EMRA Education Committee feedback workshop that we held at ACEP. Feedback is an essential part of any professional field but can be challenging to provide […]

Tetralogy of Fallot – Hypercyanotic Spell

Intro Case Introduction: You are the overnight Peds EM resident and at 3 o’clock in the morning you get a notification (~5 minutes away) that a 4 month old boy with a hx of Tetralogy of Fallot who is awaiting elective repair is coming in appearing severely cyanotic, crying loudly, and hypoxic to ~40%. After […]

Pressors 101

By Lara Silverman, MD/MPH Emergency Medicine PGY3 Pressors are used in hypotension. Per Scott Weingart, there are three main reasons we use pressors:  Maintain critical perfusion pressors, especially to the brain, heart, and kidneys. Below a MAP of ~50, a person will begin to have altered mental status and below ~40, the brain starts to […]

The Well-Appearing Patient with Acute Dizziness

Lara Silverman MD/MPH, Emergency Medicine PGY3 Dizziness is vague, subjective, and the differential is literally everything from “you’re drunk go home” to life-threatening. Classically, we’re taught that dizziness is separated into 4 categories: vertigo (“room-spinning”), presyncope (“lightheadedness”), disequilibrium (“I feel unbalanced”), and non-specific / other. However, placing a patient in one of these categories relies on a patient’s subjective description […]

February 2023