Danny Duque, M.D.

    Director, Emergency Ultrasound; Elmhurst Hospital Center

    Timi Waltuch, MD

    PEM 2

    Academic Interests - Simulation, Sepsis, Sickle Cell, Med-Education

    Eugene Kim, MD

    Class of 2016
    Interests: Medical Informatics

    Chris Clifford, MD

    Academic Interests: Advocacy and health policy, global health, wilderness medicine, health IT

    Eric Steinberg, D.O.

    Assistant Program Director, Beth Israel
    Academic Interests: Education, Feedback

    Turandot Saul, M.D.

    SLW Ultrasound Division Director

    Andres Arredondo, MD, MSc

    Academic Interests: Tox, Ultrasound, Sports Med, Med Ed

    Christina Hajicharalambous, D.O.

    Sinai Attending, Education Fellow
    My Academic Interests: Medical Education, Simulation, Physician Wellness

    Xiao Han, MD

    Interests - Global Health, Informatics, QI

    Abram Lishansky, MD

    Interests - Global health, Ultrasound, Critical Care

    Vaishali Patel, M.D.

    Sinai Attending
    My Academic Interests: PA education, wellness

    Mark Andreae, MD

    Critical Care/Systems Chief

    Interests - Critical care, EMS, palliative care

    Benjamin Azan, MD

    Class of 2016 - VR/Social Media Guru
    Interests: FOAM, founder of, Med Ed, Airway, ultrasound

    Nathan Louras, MD

    Interests - Administration, International and Wilderness Medicine

    Tim Snow, MD

    2017-2018 Conference Chief
    Interests - FOAM, global health, education, ultrasound.

    Kelly Bogaert, MD

    Interests - Global health, women's/children's health, health disparities

    Indira Gowda, MD

    Interests: Peds, Global Health, Translational Research, Med Ed

    Devorah Nazarian, M.D.

    Elmhurst Attending
    Academic Interests: Clinical Guidelines Development Stroke management

    Jacqueline Paulis, MD

    Interests - Medical Education, Public Health, Medicine in the Media, Sports Medicine

    David Kinas, DO

    SLW Ultrasound Fellow

    Ahra Joh, MD MPH

    Interests - Critical Care, Medical Education, Informatics, Global Health

    David Zhang, MD PhD

    Interests: genomics, personalized medicine, hospital administration

    Joe Hardardt, MD

    Academic Interests: HIV screening in the ED, population/global health, LGBTQ health, ultrasound, wellness

    Gwen Hooley, MD

    Academic Interests: Pediatrics, Education

    Philip Andrus, MD, FACEP

    Associate Director, Emergency Ultrasound

    Kathy Li, MD

    Interests - Health Policy, QI, Public Health, Ultrasound, Global Health

    Douglas Scott, MD

    Interests - Pediatrics, Global Health

    Tina Mathew, MD

    Interests: International, Medical Education, Ultrasound, Administration

    Allie Lockwood, MD

    Academic Interests: Disaster planning, Medical education, Global health

    Eric Lee, MD

    Interests: Global Health, Public Policy, Education and Teaching

    Mark Heller, M.D.

    Sinai Attending
    Academic Interests: Education

    Ruchi Gandhi, MD

    Class of 2016
    Interests: Education, QI, Global Health, Ultrasound

    Trevor Pour, M.D.

    Associate Residency Director, Sinai
    Academic Interests: Education (both GME and UME), palliative care and pain management, critical care, leadership/policy

    Colleen Smith, MD

    Interests: Medical Simulation, Medical Education, Deliberate Practice, Wellness

    Carl Mickman, MD

    Interests - Global Health and Development

    Rijo Maracheril, MD

    Academic Interests: Medical Education, Global Medicine, Critical Care

    DJ Apakama, MD MS

    Interests - Aerospace Medicine, Informatics, Global Health, Health Disparities

    Paul Peng, MD

    Interests: biostatistics, critical care, immunotherapy

    Deb Sengupta, MD

    Interests - Healthcare disparities, quality & process improvement, health system redesign

    Lara Vanyo, M.D.

    Assistant Program Director, Beth Israel
    Academic Interests: Physician Wellness, Quality Improvement

    Rahul Thakker, MD

    Academic Interests: Global health, wilderness medicine, medical education, entrepreneurship

    Latoshia Henderson, MD

    Interests - Medical Education, Critical Care, Ultrasound

    Geoff Jara-Almonte, M.D.

    Assistant Program Director, Elmhurst
    Academic Interests: Assessment and Feedback, Sim, Peds Resp Emergencies

    Chandni Pawar, MD

    Academic Interests: Medical Education, Diversity and Inclusion, Ultrasound, and Community Engagement

    Lauren Zinns, M.D.

    Sinai PEM Attending
    Academic Interests: Debriefing, CHOP ED Clinical Pathways

    Adam Hill, M.D.

    Elmhurst Attending
    Academic Interests: Wilderness Medicine, Rural Medicine, Outdoor Education

    Jonathan Yeo, M.D.

    Director of RETU, Sinai
    Academic Interests: ED Observation

    Jared Ditkowsky, MD

    Interests- Healthcare Policy & Decision Analysis, Medical Education, Healthcare Narratives

    EJ Grewal, MD

    SLW Ultrasound Fellow

    Zachary Kuschner, MD

    Interests - Critical Care, International Medicine, QA/QI

    Robert Cox, MD

    Class of 2016
    Interests: Ultrasound, Critical Care and Quality

    Wendy Lin, MD

    Interests: Ultrasound, medical education, wellness

    Monica Sethi, MD

    Interests: Critical Care, Administration

    Leslie Pendery, MD

    Interests: Medical education, Sports Medicine, Women’s Health

    Sam Schuberg, MD

    Interests - Stroke, Prehospital Care, LGBT Health, Critical Care, Ultrasound

    Jenny Sanders, M.D.

    Sinai PEM Attending
    Academic Interests: Pediatric Critical Care, Soft Tissue Ultrasound, Pain Management, Wound Care

    Laura Anderson, MD

    Academic Interests: Wellness, Medical Education, International & Wilderness Medicine

    Milana Zaurova, MD

    Interests - Pall Care, Med Ed, Ultrasound, EMS, Public Policy

    Puja Patel, MD

    Academic Interests: Medical Education, Ultrasound, Wellness, Pediatric EM

    Prakriti Gill, MD

    PEM 1

    Academic Interests: Global health, Ultrasound, Skin and Soft Tissue Infections, Advocacy

    Kristen Kelly, MD

    Academic Interests: Disaster medicine, Public policy, Advocacy, Global Health

    Ethan Cowan, M.D.

    Beth Israel Attending
    Academic Interests: Public health program implementation in the ED, HIV, HCV, SUD, Bioethics, Research Ethics, Social Justice

    Gabriel Rose, DO

    SLW Ultrasound Fellowship Director

    Colin Pesyna, MD

    Interests - Critical Care, Medical Education, End of Life, Med/Legal

    Angela Chen, MD

    Peds/Education Chief

    Interests - Palliative Care, QI, Medical Education

    Courtney Cassella, MD

    Interests: Med Ed, Ultrasound, Tox

    Christopher Hansen, MD, MPH

    Class of 2016
    Interests: Critical Care, Airway Emergencies, EMS

    Elaine Rabin, M.D.

    Associate Residency Director, Sinai
    Academic Interests - Health policy, hospital boarding/crowding/flow, resident education, neurologic emergencies

    Marcee Wilder, MD, MPH

    2017-2018 Peds Chief
    Interests - Research (Health Disparities), Health policy

    Stephen Alerhand, MD

    Interests - Ultrasound, Regional Anesthesia, Critical Care, ED tips/tricks, Quality Improvement

    Chris Strother, M.D.

    Director of Peds ED, Sinai
    Academic Interests: Simulation Education and Adult Learning Theory Patient Safety and Inter-professional Team Building, Clinical Debriefing

    Ujas Shah, M.D.

    Beth Israel Attending
    Academic Interests: emergency cardiology, wilderness medicine, medical education and performance improvement

    Emily Taub, MD

    Interests - Medical education, Toxicology, Infectious Disease

    Kimberly Kahne, MD

    Class of 2016 - PEM Fellow

    Interests - Ultrasound, Critical Care

    Ee Tay, MD, FAAP

    Associate Director, Pediatric Emergency Ultrasound

    Dania Goodin, MD

    Academic Interests: Global Health, Healthcare disparities, Social Psychology, Psychiatric Emergencies

    Lara Vanyo, MD

    Admin/Wellness Chief
    Interests - Wellness, Global Health, medical ethics

    Jonathan Mishoe, MD

    Interests: Ultrasound, Medical Education, Health Disparities, Tactical Medicine

    Suzi Bentley-Faje, M.D.

    Director of Simulation, Elmhurst
    Academic Interests: Simulation, resuscitation team education and research, assessment, remediation

    Jeffrey Glassberg, M.D.

    Researcher/Director of Sickle Cell Clinic, Sinai
    Academic Interests: Sickle Cell Disease

    Jeff Julian, MD

    Academic Interests: Critical care, Ultrasound, Health Policy

    Angela Hua, MD

    Class of 2016
    Interests - Medical Education, Disaster Medicine, Critical Care

    James Morrison, MD

    Sinai Chief
    Interests - Critical care, EMS, palliative care

    Trent She, MD

    SLW Ultrasound Fellow

    Sean Hickey, MD

    Interests - Disaster Medicine, Pre-Hospital Care, Critical Care

    Mark Elmer, MD

    Class of 2016
    Interests - Ultrasound

    Taryn Webb, MD

    Interests: Sports Medicine, Pediatric EM, Wellness, Med Ed

    Sumintra Wood, MD

    Interests - Medical Education, Global Health, Infectious Diseases

    Nupur Garg, MD

    Class of 2016
    Interests - Systems Research, Ultrasound

    Rachel Shively, MD

    Interests - Research, Pediatric EM, Global Health, Health Policy

    Gabriel Prager, MD

    Interests: Critical Care, Ultrasound, Global Health

    Jeremy Kim, MD

    Interests - Ultrasound, Critical Care

    Suresh K. Pavuluri, MD

    Academic interests: strengthening of healthcare systems, administration, healthcare disparities

    John Zhang, MD

    Academic Interests: MedEd, Critical Care, Ultrasound

    Nachi Gupta, MD PhD

    Interests - Biostatistics, Critical Care, Entrepreneurship, Global Health, Medical Education

    Samantha Ganz, MD

    Interests - Telemedicine, Ultrasound, Critical Care, Med Ed

    Ravi Katari, MD

    Interests: health law and economics, public opinion, global health

    Kaushal Shah, M.D.

    Program Director
    Academic Interests - Trauma, Imaging, Procedures, Medical Education

    Neil Dubey, MD, MBA

    Interests: Admin/QI, innovation, humanities

    Marc Probst, M.D.

    Sinai Attending, Researcher
    Academic Interests: Research, shared decision-making, syncope.

    Ryan O’Halloran, MD

    Interests: Critical Care, EMS, QI/process improvement

    Nico Volz, MD

    Interests: Critical Care, Ultrasound, Med Ed

    Gregory Fernandez, MD, MBA

    Interests: Medical Informatics, Hospital Administration, Critical Care, Ultrasound

    Erick Eiting, M.D.

    Medical Director, Beth Israel

    Daniel Lakoff, MD

    Associate Director, Emergency Ultrasound; Elmhurst Hospital Center

    Jim Tsung, M.D.

    Director of Pediatric Ultrasound, Sinai

    Patrick Maher, M.D.

    Sinai EM-CCM Attending
    My Academic Interests: Blood transfusion, utilization practices, and coagulopathy testing

    Peter England, MD

    Elmhurst Chief
    Interests - Critical care and Ultrasound

    Caroline Adegite, M.D.

    PEM 3

    Interests - Critical Care, Toxicology, Ultrasound

    Joseph Pinero, MD

    Class of 2016 - Elmhurst Chief
    Interests - Sports Medicine and admin/education

    Brendan Milliner, MD

    Interests - Global health, Medicine and Human Rights, medical writing

    David Cisewski, MD MS

    Interests - Pain management, Gender-specific treatments, World extremes medicine

    Randy Sorge, MD

    Interests - Critical care, palliative care, medical education

    Ellie Roberts, MD

    Academic interests - Women's health, toxicology

    Cliff Marks, MD

    Academic Interests: Administration, Health Policy, Quality Improvement

    Ben McVane, MD

    Interests - Global Health, Medical Education

    Ben McVane, M.D.

    Elmhurst Attending
    Academic Interests: My Academic Interests: Global Health, Human Rights, and Medical Care of Immigrants and Refugees

    Arlene Chung

    Assistant Residency Director, Elmhurst
    Interests - Narratives and the humanities in medicine

    Kevin Hu, MD

    Interests - Medical Education and Administration

    Gaurav Bhargava, MD

    Interests - Medical education, biases in medicine, ultrasound

    Andy Jagoda, M.D.

    Chair/Chief Academic Officer, Sinai
    Academic Interests: Stroke, Status Epilepticus, Concussion/TBI

    Al Giwa, M.D.

    Sinai Attending, Night Shift King
    Academic Interests: Law and Ethics, Combat Medicine, Resuscitation/Critical Care

    Jayram Pai, MD

    Interests: Medical Education, Critical Care, Trauma

    Jean Sun Scofi, MD

    Sinai Chief
    Interests - Critical Care, Administration, Quality Improvement

    Varun Katdare, MD

    Interests - Critical Care and Trauma

    Dan Lakoff, MD

    Former Assistant Residency Director, Elmhurst
    Interests - Ultrasound, Wellness

    Ayushi Chandramani, MD

    Academic Interests: Global Health, Social EM, Women's Health

    Shefali Trivedi, M.D.

    Clerkship Director, Sinai
    Academic Interests: Medical Education, Specifically Medical Students; Burnout

    Benjamin Laraway, MD

    Academic Interests: Toxicology, Critical Care, Med Ed

    Eric Bassan, MD

    Academic Chief
    Interests - Medical Education, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Medical Technology

    Cailey Simmons, MD

    Interests - Public Health, Quality Improvement, Behavioral Economics and Social Psychology, International and Wilderness Medicine

    Nicholas Genes, M.D. Ph.D

    Sinai Attending, Informatics Master
    Academic Interests: Clinical Informatics

    Brad Shy, M.D.

    Director of Quality, Sinai
    My Academic Interests: I'm interested in knowledge translation and improving patient safety

    Ben Kliot, M.D.

    Beth Israel Attending
    Academic Interests: ED flow, physician wellness and quality of life, Expedition Medicine

    Michelle Vazquez, MD

    PEM 3

    Interests - Medical Education, Critical Care, Simulation, Ultrasound

    Jennifer V. Huang, DO, FACEP

    Director, Ultrasound Education

    Clark Owyang, MD

    Interests - Med Ed & social media #FOAMed, critical care, global health, ultrasound

    David Gutteridge, MD, MPH

    Class of 2016
    Sinai Chief
    Interests - Operations and QI, Health Policy, Critical Care

    Samantha LeDonne, MD

    Interests - EMS, Global Health, Education

    Sam Khan, MD

    Conference Chief

    Interests – Critical Care, Education, Mentoring, Echocardiography

    Omid Manoochehri, MD

    Academic Interests: Medical Education, Administration, Airway Management, FOAMed

    Eric (Weyjuin) Chao, MD

    Interests - Global Health, Wellness, Innovation

    Jordan Hernandez, MD

    Interests: Mathematics, Peds, Medical Education

    Candice Cruz, MD

    Class of 2016
    Interests - ED Operations, QI, Healthcare disparities, Ultrasound

    Hayley Neher, MD

    Interests: disaster medicine, global health, geriatrics, and education

    Tausif Billah, MD

    Academic Interests: Global Health, Health Disparities, Med Ed, Ultrasound

    Melissa Villars, MD

    Academic Interests: Public health, policy, administration, disaster medicine, education

    Morgan Dauer, MD

    Academic Interests: Global Health, Critical Care

    Omar Z. Maniya, MD, MBA

    Interests - Administration, Policy, Informatics, Entrepreneurship

    Jen Bellis, MD

    PEM 3

    Interests - Simulation, Ultrasound, Critical Care, Sepsis

    Turandot Saul, M.D.

    Ultrasound Division Director, Mount Sinai West

    Daniel Bell, MD

    Class of 2016
    Interests: Palliative Care, QI, Critical Care

    Akash Desai

    Academic Interests - Ultrasound, International Medicine, Wilderness medicine

    Judah Jeremy Sueker, MD

    Sinai Chief

    Interests - Medical Quality, Opiate use in the ED

    Neil Christopher, M.D.

    Sinai Attending, EM/IM
    Academic Interests: Critical care, ECMO, Ultrasound (specifically lung applications), International medicine

    Nestor Nestor, M.D.

    Elmhurst Attending
    Academic Interests: Critical Care, Informatics, Operations and Advocacy

    Alicia Lu, MD

    Academic Interests: Social EM, Education, Wellness, Health Disparities

    Megha George, MD

    Interests - Education, Ultrasound, Patient Safety

    Jackie Tin, MD

    Interests - Admin, Global Health, QI, Ultrasound, Wellness

    Jeff Nusbaum, MD

    2017-2018 Elmhurst Chief
    Interests - EMS, critical care

    Zachary Wilson, MD

    Interests - Global Health, Disaster Medicine, Wilderness medicine, LGBT Health

    Jeremy Faust, MD, MS, MA

    Class of 2016
    Interests: Medical Writing, Med Ed, RCTs

    Michelle Lin, M.D.

    Beth Israel Attending
    Academic Interests: Health Policy; Researching Care Delivery and Payment Redesign to Improve Population Health and Patient-Centered Outcomes

    Phil Andrus, M.D.

    Sinai Attending, Ultrasound Extraordinare
    My Academic Interests: Critical Care and General Ultrasound

    Colleen Smith, M.D.

    Associate Program Director, Elmhurst
    Academic Interests: Simulation, Medical Education, Wellness

    Jillian Nickerson, MD, MS

    Interests - Health Disparities and health systems research, Ultrasound, Med Ed

    Jason Shapiro, M.D.

    Sinai Attending
    Academic Interests: Health informatics and trying to strike a healthy work-life balance

    Rishi Khakhkhar, MD, MBA

    Academic Interests: health policy, administration/operations, advocacy

    Wuya Lumeh, MD

    Interests: Medical Education, Global Health, or Disaster Planning

    Gurpreet “Rupi” Mudan, MD

    Class of 2016 - Administrative/Recruitment Chief
    Interests - Medical Education, Wellness, Global Health,

    Megan Murphy, RDMS

    Ultrasound Supervisor

    Danish Ahmad, M.D.

    Sinai EM-CCM Attending
    My Academic Interests: Critical Care, Happiness

    Arjun Prabhu, MD

    Interests: Bioethics, health care policy, global health, clinical research

    Edwin Mo, M.D.

    Sinai EM CCM Attending
    My Academic Interests: critical care, ultrasound and SIM. Also scheduled lunch breaks during shifts.

    Moira Carroll, MD

    Elmhurst Chief

    Interests - Global Health

    William Berk, MD

    Interests: Global Health, Medicine and Human Rights

    Laura Iavicoli, M.D.

    Associate Clinical Director, Elmhurst
    Academic Interests: Emergency Management, EMS, Administration, Quality, Sexual Assault Forensics

    John Rozehnal, MD, MS

    Interests - Medical Education, Wilderness Medicine, Toxicology, tbd.

    Bryan Beattie, MD

    Interests: Wilderness Medicine, Critical Care, Sports Medicine 

    Martin Casey, MD

    Interests: public health, outcomes research, hospital administration, ultrasound

    Bret P. Nelson, M.D.

    Director, Emergency Ultrasound Division
    My Academic Interests: Ultrasound, education, and airway management

    Felipe Terán, MD

    Class of 2016 - Academic Chief

    Matt Egan, MD

    Interests - Sports Medicine and Tox

    Lillian Wong, M.D.

    Elmhurst Attending
    Academic Interests: Simulation education, Resident wellness