Flexor Tenosynovitis

Tenosynovitis = inflammation of a tendon and its sheath.  Most acute cases of flexor tenosynovitis (FT) are infectious but may also be secondary to inflammation from noninfectious cause (e.g. diabetes, overuse, arthritis) Infectious tenosyn…

Tick-borne Illness – Not All Lyme

27M h/o sickle cell anemia presents with high fevers, sweats, HA, muscle aches, N/V.  Recent camping trip in New England.  Blood smear shows the following:   Diagnosis? What complications would you worry about?  

The Normotensive Pulmonary Embolism Patient

Early death (within 7-30 days) in PE patients is concerning. It is relatively easy to identify high-risk PE patients, defined by abnormal vitals SBP < 90 or drop in SBP by 40 for at least 5 min. Normotensive patients with poor prognostic…

Young Female with Hemoptysis

A 24 year old female from Europe presents with progressive shortness of breath and hemoptysis. O2 sat is 94%. CXR is clear. PSH includes silicone implants in gluteal area. Meds include OCPs. Travel from Eastern Europe 2 months ago. D-dimer…

A Pediatric Pearl

This week, PECARN published a study that determined that isolated loss of consciousness (LOC) is not a strong enough predictive factor for a clinically significant traumatic brain injury, which they define as requiring intubation, extended…

4th of July Games

4 teasers for the 4th of July weekend. 1. What is this and why is it dangerous? 2. Patient had a DVT + PE, then got an IVC filter, then had another PE. How? 3. Fun Sporcle quiz – 3 letter body parts, 2 min 4. Higher level Sporcle quiz…

July 2014