54F history of hypertension, diabetes, and ESRD presents to your Emergency Department hypotensive and febrile, nurses are hunting for IV access and unable to obtain any peripheral access, what can you do for access?



Answer: Use the Permcath

1. identify blue port

2. remove blue cap, withdraw and waste 5 mL (tubing may contain tPA/heparin/antibiotics)

3. attach IV fluid to blue port, Permacath can be used as a central line

4. obtain definitive IV access and transfer IV fluids

5. Inject blue port with heparin (5,000 or 10,000 units/mL) according to dosage/volume written on Permacath blue port tubing, replace blue cap

-flushing with heparin = priming

-closing port with blue cap = locking

*image from British United Provident Association