“Hey doc, we can’t get a line on the kid in room 7, he’s going to need an US IV” is one of the last things I want to hear while working a peds shift. I’ve put US lines in teens, but they aren’t much different than adults in this regard. But what about younger kids? Which sites are appropriate? Can a line be placed in the lower extremities?


Quick Summary of IV Site Selection in Peds:

Upper Extremities: Cephalic, basilic, and median cubital veins in the forearm and the dorsal veins of the hand

Lower Extremities: Great saphenous vein

Scalp:¬†Small superficial veins. UTD notes that “A circumferential tourniquet, such as a rubber band, is placed around the forehead to make the veins visible” (Good luck doing that with the parents around)

Neck: External jugular vein


Below are links to a few resources that outline US PIV in youngsters




Good Luck