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Nursemaid’s elbow is a radial head subluxation, typically caused by a “pulling” mechanism. It occurs most often in children six months to five years of age. The child will present with pain and will not use his arm.


There are two well-described methods for reduction: (1) supination followed by flexion and (2) hyperpronation. For the supination and flexion method, the clinician supinates the forearm fully and then flexes at the elbow.


Image from www.orthobullets.com.
Image from www.orthobullets.com.


For the hyperpronation method, the elbow is held at 90 degrees, and the wrist is then hyperpronated.


Image from www.orthobullets.com.
Image from www.orthobullets.com.


In both cases, a “click” is usually felt. Here is a video showing the methods by Larry Mellick:



A few different studies support higher success rates with hyperpronation (see references below). Try the hyperpronation method first for your next Nursemaid’s elbow!




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Main image from kidshealth.org.

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