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Pearl: In cardiac arrest, consider esmolol (500mcg/kg loading dose, then 0-100mcg/kg/min drip) for refractory ventricular fibrillation.

Background: Ventricular fibrillation is one of our two “shockable” rhythms and is supposed to portend a better cardiac arrest outcome. But what if your patient is refractory to standard treatment (defibrillation, amiodarone, lidocaine) either by never exiting v-fib or by returning to v-fib immediately? Aside from dual-synchronous defibrillation, which is not yet a data-driven technique, to we have any other tools in our back pocket?

Explanation: There is some data, retrospective and non-randomized, to support improved outcomes with the infusion of esmolol to patients in refractory v-fib cardiac arrest. Two studies, one at Hennepin County (1) and one in Korea (2) both retrospectively analyzed patients in refractory v-fib arrest (defined as at least 3 shocks in both, amiodarone was also required by Hennepin). At Hennepin, sustained ROSC was 100% better and survival to discharge was 300% better, but no p-values were provided. In the Korean study, 56% in the esmolol group achieved sustained ROSC vs 16% in the non-esmolol group (p 0.007). There are also some pig model studies that support esmolol reducing the rate of v-fib recurrence after treatment (3,4)

Bottom Line: There are no randomized or large studies, but if your patient will not come out of ventricular fibrillation, consider giving esmolol as a bolus (500mcg/mg/kg) followed by an infusion.

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