As the Teaching Resident in the ED this month, I have been asked to assist with a range of aspiration procedures, from peritonsillar abscess to paracentesis to priapism.

Here is a procedural complication witnessed particularly for smaller residents with smaller forearms:

  • The strength required for these providers to pull back on the syringe hinders their ability to perform the procedure safely and without tiring.
    • ex. Imagine the doctor coming at your open mouth, distended abdomen, or erect penis with an aspiration needle in his/her hand that is visibly trembling.
    • FullSizeRender (2)

Consider this solution:

  • Connect a longer spinal needle to an IV catheter extension set, which then connects to your syringe.
  • One provider focuses solely on guiding needle to target. A second provider draws back on the syringe.
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  • 60 cc