Quantitative D-dimer is a common screening tool to rule-out pulmonary embolism in low-risk population but is there more that it can tell us?


Yes, there have been studies linking increasing d-dimers to: 1) likelihood of PE, 2) location of PE, and 3) clot burden.

1. The level of d-dimer has been shown that with increasing d-dimer magnitude, there is an increasing chance of diagnosing pulmonary embolism by computed tomography with correlatory values as follows (as published by Kaush)[1]:

D-Dimer        % with PE

0.58-1.0        3.6%

1.0-2.0           8.0%

2.0-5.0          16.2%

5.0-20           35.3%

>20                 45.5%


2. There have also been some studies showing correlation between d-dimer magnitudes and location of clot, showing the higher the d-dimer, the more likely the PE is proximal/main (median >5.0) pulmonary artery vs. lobar vs. segmental [2].


3. Higher d-dimer values showing higher clot burden as calculated by CT clot burden scoring  for d-dimer values >4.0 (avg clot score 10 vs. 5) [3]. However, clot scoring varies in its predictive value of outcomes and is not a reliable predictor of patient mortality [4,5,6].


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