Thursday was a great day for the EM/Crit Care track.

Not sure what happened in the AM – I was on a plane – not on a boat – on a plane!

The hands-on vascular access course was held in the afternoon.  The opening lecture covering short and long axis approaches by Jason Nomura was an excellent example of clear, concise presentation of complicated information.  Clearly, Jason has mastered the zen of well…presentation zen.  I’m sure no one in that room had a hard time remembering the importance of distinguishing the tip of the needle from the shaft after his talk.

The day ended with a Just Images session presented by Anthony Dean and Chris Moore titled “Patients in Shock.” Fascinating clips of patients with pulmonary embolism, atrial myxoma, tamponade, dissection, and more.

Mount Sinai’s Director of Pediatric Radiology, Henrietta Rosenberg presented data on the use of ultrasound in pediatric hip evaluations this afternoon as well.