Clinical Pearl August 21th

A 9 day old infant is brought to the ED with difficulty breathing and poor feeding for one day. Pt is found to be tachypneic, mottled, with peripheral cyanosis and no palpable LE pulses.  What’s your diagnosis? What should you do?

Clinical Pearl

Review of Classif ication of Misscarriage: Threatened Ab:  3.4 to 17% with confirmed FHR by.  Rates higher without. References: Tannirandorn Y, Sangsawang S, Manotaya S, et al. Fetal loss in threatened abortion after embryonic/fetal heart a…

Clinical Pearl: August 16.

A nursing home patient presents critically ill with respiratory distress, severe abdominal distension, ascites and oliguria.  You are concerned for abdominal compartment syndrome. How will you make the diagnosis?

A 29 y/o female with NIDDM and poorly controlled chronic asthma present s with 3days of sob and wheezing typical of her prior asthma exacerbations.  After two nebulizer treatments and dose of corticosteroids her PEFR is measured at 55% of p…

A 44 year old female with HTN, DM, and psychiatric disease presents with non-traumatic pain and vision loss in her right eye for 12 hours.  She has a right sided throbbing headache. On exam she has a 5mm R pupil which is sluggish to react,…

A 50 year old man presents with agitation and delirium.  He has sinus tachycardia to 120bpm but his vital signs are otherwise within normal ranges. He answers some questions, but is disoriented, illogical and rambling.  He is picking at “an…

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