Which Line is Sublime?

Let’s talk about large bore/central vascular access! We’ll review different kinds, their different names, and when to use them!Of note outside the scope of this review: how to insert each of these – I think this is better learned by watchin…

Elmhurst Radiology Tips

“Hey let’s get bed 3 over to CT quick” “Any word on bed 3’s scans?” “Why hasn’t bed 3 gone to CT yet?!?” We’ve all been there. Here are some tips and tricks on how to work eff…

Lac washouts done the right way

We know how important it is to wash out our patients’ wounds, but we also know what a pain and mess it can be, especially on a busy side. This is a quick pearl that was handed to me as an intern (I believe by our very own Dr…

Thyroid Storm Management

TR Pearl: Thyroid Storm Management Diagnosing Thyroid Storm:  Management Things to keep in mind For patients in thyroid storm or impending storm If thyroid storm for sure, add glucocorticoids. They reduce T4 to T3 conversion….

PEG Tube Dislogement

Why is this a pearl? We get G-tube dislodgments quite often at Sinai, and they can be an easy patient encounter with a quick note and quick dispo. But they made me so nervous as an intern and early 2! Now I love ‘em and you can love ‘em too…

Asthma and Redlining

“Take a deep breath and hold it. Now without exhaling, try to breathe in again.” We were in the cardiac room, discussing a young man that had died a few hours before we came onto our shift. He had been brought in after he was found in the s…

TB in the ED

Tuberculosis in the ED Patient presents to Elmhurst ED with cough, hemoptysis, night sweats and fatigue – quick, what’s the first diagnosis that comes to mind? This is the classic presentation for tuberculosis. But several times now I…

October 2023