Subcutaneous Insulin in DKA

Insulins and DKA came up in conference last week, but we didn’t discuss the use of subcutaneous insulin in DKA. SQ insulin is a potential alternative to IV therapy in mild to moderate DKA, and I think there is still a lot of variability in…


Review of definitions – Migrant – a person who moves from one place to another – Refugee – a person fleeing persecution or fear of persecution on one of 5 protected grounds.  – Asy…

Applying the LUCAS

Applying the LUCASwith minimal pauses in chest compressions FIRST STEP: LUCAS backboard behind patient’s head SECOND STEP: lift patient forward to slide backboard behind chest THIRD STEP: apply the LUCAS and start GIFs lifted from this vide…

Which Line is Sublime?

Let’s talk about large bore/central vascular access! We’ll review different kinds, their different names, and when to use them!Of note outside the scope of this review: how to insert each of these – I think this is better learned by watchin…

Elmhurst Radiology Tips

“Hey let’s get bed 3 over to CT quick” “Any word on bed 3’s scans?” “Why hasn’t bed 3 gone to CT yet?!?” We’ve all been there. Here are some tips and tricks on how to work eff…

Lac washouts done the right way

We know how important it is to wash out our patients’ wounds, but we also know what a pain and mess it can be, especially on a busy side. This is a quick pearl that was handed to me as an intern (I believe by our very own Dr…

June 2024