SinaiEMPower is our resident-led diversity, equity, and inclusion interest group promoting awareness, recruitment, community service, and interconnectedness around underrepresented groups in medicine

AWARENESS: To create open forums for discussions of biases experienced by both healthcare workers and patients, and promote a larger discussion centered around healthcare disparities in the SinaiEM workforce and community at large.
Ex: Conference presentations, Residency-wide discussions, Book club

RECRUITMENT: To promote increased diversity and inclusion of individuals underrepresented in emergency medicine reflective of the diverse communities our residency serves through mentorship and career development.
Ex: Applicant events, Interview participation

COMMUNITY SERVICE: To create and maintain programs aimed at engaging the surrounding communities to improve healthcare and health literacy through a series of programs targeting community needs, specifically around the Elmhurst and East Harlem areas.Ex: High school mentoring, Community fair, Stop the Bleed program

INTERCONNECTEDNESS: To create a venue of support and improve upon the social ties of those underrepresented persons within the residency class and leadership through a series of whatsapp groups and social events.

Ex: Monthly meetings, group chats, social events