If you are in need of mental health resources, please find some resources below. Do not be afraid to talk to your chiefs and the APDs/PD if you need additional support.

STMH links to 24/7 support and crisis hotlines

ACEP Wellness Assistance Program (3 free therapy sessions)

Wellness Advisory Program – The Wellness Advisory Program pairs residents with social workers for an initial 1 hour intake visit that is scheduled for them. Like an annual PCP visit, it is meant to be a preventative program. Residency is a challenging time and by the time some residents realize they need help, it can be difficult to identify support and/or obtain and keep appointments with programs like Student Trainee Mental Health. After the initial visit, residents can meet with their paired social worker for short term counseling or check-ins at their discretion, or may be referred for longer term counseling. 

Elmhurst Helping Healers Heal Program (Below)