Additional Resources

Stigmatizing language: View the resources below to learn more about stigma and how it affects patients as well as language to avoid plus effective alternatives.

  1. Words Matter: Terms to Use and Avoid When Talking About Addiction
  2. Respectful Language and Stigma Regarding People Who Use Substances
  3. Compassionate Action – Anti Stigma Campaign: Interactive case studies about stigma and discrimination encountered by individuals who use drugs.
  4. Respect to Connect – Undoing Stigma

Other Resources

  • EMRAP: Episode on Opioid Harm Reduction in the ED:
  • Harm Reduction in the Emergency Department: Journal article reviewing harm reduction, the data that supports its use, and overviews ways in which emergency department providers can be advocates for harm reduction for their patients with substance use disorders. (Article is free if you log in with your ACEP username and password)
  • Initiating Buprenorphine Treatment from the Emergency Department – A collection of resources from Yale, a leader in the movement to start treating patients with buprenorphine from the emergency department. Resources include: Assessments and tools, treatment algorithm, discharge instructions.
  • Medications for Opiate Use Disorder: Funded by NIDA, reviews important issues in using medications to treat opiate use disorders. Topics include:
    • How do medications to treat opioid use disorder work?
    • How effective are medications to treat opioid use disorder?
    • What are misconceptions about maintenance treatment?
    • What is the impact of medication for opioid use disorder treatment on HIV/HCV outcomes
    • What treatment is available for pregnant mothers and their babies?
  • Identifying Opiate Use Disorders in the Emergency Department: Questions you can use to help assess whether your patient has an opiate use disorder.
  • National Drug Early Warning System: Funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), this website produces weekly reports about emerging drug use trends, including concerning rises in overdoses, tainted drug supplies, and use of novel substances.
  • NIDA Emergency Department Patient Simulations: Short videos modeling effective strategies when talking with emergency department patients who have opiate use disorders.
    • Topics addressed: Conversation tools and strategies; Opioid use disorder & withdrawal assessments; Treatment for opioid use disorder; Harm-reduction strategies