Harm Reduction Guide

Explore this website to learn more about addiction medicine, harm reduction, and view resources to be used on shift to help you become a more effective and compassionate provider. While created with emergency medicine residents and attendings in mind, the knowledge and resources on this page will likely benefit all front line healthcare workers.

Supported with funding by the National Institute of Drug Abuse and Emergency Medicine Foundation, a harm reduction reference tool was created for frontline staff in the emergency department. This website can be referenced on a computer or a cell phone to help providers be more effective and compassionate providers for patients who inject opiates.

How to use this tool

  1. Between shifts – Learn how injection opiates are used to develop the knowledge base to more confidently discuss your patients’ drug use.
  2. On-shift – Glance through the tool to remind yourself of harm reduction tips that can be easily shared with your patients to reduce exposure to harm