What is NUTTV1? 

New Upright Tall T in V1 (NUTTV1)


The T-wave in lead V1 is usually inverted or flat. When the T-wave is upright, especially if it is tall (taller than the T-wave in lead V6), be worried about cardiac ischemia…especially if the large upright T-wave is a new finding compared to prior ECGs.

LVH, LBBB, and misplaced precordial leads are the other causes of tall upright T-waves in lead V1. In the absence of any of these three conditions, worry about ischemia.

Text: https://umem.org/educational_pearls/205/ (posted 10/28/07 by Amal Mattu)

Image: http://academiclifeinem.com/tall-t-wave-lead-v1/