Ticked off

Today’s TR pearl is brought to you by Drs. Shearer, Hernandez, Sun and O’Halloran and summer in the Northeast. The weather is warm and people are flocking to the great outdoors. This means…ticks, as well as the tick borne diseases they may carry. For how to remove a tick, see Dr. Paulis’s excellent clinical pearlRead more

High Altitude Illnesses, part 2

Yesterday, we learned about acute mountain sickness (AMS) and high altitude cerebral edema (HACE). Today we will tackle high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE), the deadliest of the altitude illnesses. HAPE generally occurs above 3000m, but incidence varies at different altitudes. At 4500m the incidence ranges from 0.2 to 6%. Factors that place people at increasedRead more

High Altitude Illnesses, part 1

While we may not see as many wilderness related injuries in the concrete jungle of NYC, they are important to know. Especially when you ski out west, tick off the bucket list item of trekking K2 or when it inevitable shows up on the boards. Today we will talk about acute mountain sickness (AMS) andRead more