National Physician Suicide Awareness Day

This past Tuesday (September 17th) was the first annual National Physician Suicide Awareness Day. CORD, ACEP, SAEM and a number of other EM organizations paired with organization from other specialties to raise awareness of the epidemic. It’s an effort to break down the stigma surrounding mental health, open the conversation to make change, and toRead more


At our wellness conference we talked about different strategies to manage burnout through gratitude, deep breathing exercises and story-telling. Today we will add another technique to our wellness arsenal: spending time in nature. In NYC, this may be difficult, but luckily we have multiple parks and green spaces throughout our city and Central Park isRead more

Congratulations and Best Wishes to our Graduating PGY4’s

Congratulations to the graduates of the Class of 2016! –On behalf of the attendings for whom you lightened the burden, the residents for whom you paved the way, and the patients for whom you cared. Best wishes. Don’t forget to visit.    Read more

Wellness Pearl: Tips/Tricks to Create More IPhone Storage Space

In light of my being called in for sick call today and working a shift, here are 2 short and simple Wellness Pearls brought to you by Abe Lishansky and Jeff Nusbaum, respectively.   Follow these steps to create about 1200 MB free space on your IPhone (Lishansky, 2016) –Go to Apple Store –Click to rent theRead more

Wellness (July)

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Wellness Tip (August)

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Wellness Tip (October)

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When Was the Last Time You Cried over a Patient or Experienced a Strong Emotional Reaction?

I once lost a 25 year old on a cardiac shift. Later, after the shift ended, I was thinking of his whole life gone and wondering if I could have done more, performed more excellently. I wondered if another resident would have lost him if in my place.” “I had a woman in her 40s’sRead more

What Do You Believe Causes Burnout in Our Field?

“Lack of support in hospital/department. Social isolation, Lack of free time. Loss of confidence in your own abilities.” “…the fact that everything is on you…to push patients, to draw labs, to call consults, to juggle everything and have excellent charting and in the end if everything goes wrong its’ ultimately totally your fault. Our jobsRead more

What Part of Yourself Are You Afraid of Losing As You Progress Through Your Career in Emergency Medicine?

“I’m worried about losing my sense of humor…sometimes situations make me feel I’m losing that and then I’m just bitter.” “I actually think I’ve retained my compassion and empathy well…I think I have gained skepticism perhaps in exess of what is healthy.” “My sense of tragedy. Not just in the classic sense of someone dyingRead more