Street Stats: The Bonferroni Correction

Tl;dr: (1) Expected false positive rate for any one statistical test is generally 0.05 (aka, alpha). But this error compounds when you run multiple statistical tests. (2) Adjust your target p-value by applying the Bonferonni correction (0.05/n where n = # statistical to tests) to see if authors’ findings are truly consistent with their reportedRead more

Statistics is Boring, Necessary, and We’re All Terrible at It!

A recent study published in JAMA,  “Medicine’s Uncomfortable Relationship With Math: Calculating Positive Predictive Value,” highlighted a massive hole in our education. Out of 24 attendings, 26 residents, and a handful of medical students, < 25% of participants was able to correctly calculate the positive predictive value (PPV) of a test. Thus I thought itRead more