Determining Capacity

A 74 year old female with a GI bleed is refusing treatment, stating that she just wants to go home rather than being transfused for her hemoglobin is 5. You attempt to convince her to stay but she steadfastly says that she just wants to leave. She mentions she has to feed her dog andRead more

Can’t Sedate Me! I’m Allergic to Haldol.

A 24yo M with hx schizophrenia presents to the ED agitated, threatening staff and making gestures of self-harm.  You are unable to verbally deescalate him and go to order some sedative medication.  However, on his chart you see “Allergy: haloperidol”.  What does this mean?Read more

Pharmacologic Intervention for Prevention of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder After Trauma

In the ED we often provide first line care for patients as the result of traumatic events.  Beyond attending to clinically apparent injuries, pain, and distress, we would be in a position to apply prophylactic treatment to attempt to prevent PTSD, a debilitating sequela of trauma, if such treatment were to exist and founded inRead more