In the spirit of roasts and fire-breathing dragons

You’re on a lovely amble through the backcountry when suddenly you see smoke rising nearby and catch a whiff of a familiar scent that throws you back to your med school OR days: burning flesh. You quickly find one obtunded, severely burned hiker who inadvertently set fire to his camp. After a quick airway assessmentRead more

Burn Baby Burn

Happy 4th of July! I’m taking the day to review a commonly incurred injury on the holiday: burns. Whether it’s from operating a grill after a few too many libations or an unfortunate encounter with fireworks, the incidence of burns seems to go up dramatically on the 4th. While we mostly see minor burns inRead more

Criteria for Transfer to Burn Unit

Taken from the American Burn Association’s Burn Center Referral Criteria: Partial thickness burns >10% TBSA Burns involving face, hands, feet, genitalia, perineum, or major joints Third degree burns (whitish, charred or translucent, no pin prick sensation in burned area) Electrical burns including lightning injury Chemical burns Inhalation injury Pre-existing conditions that may complicate management, prolong recovery,Read more

Hot Math

A 25 year old male was brought into the ED after his shirt caught on fire when he accidentally leaned back while sitting near a fireplace. He has partial-thickness burns on his entire back and the posterior aspect of both arms. He weighs 85 kg. What percentage of his body has been burned? How wouldRead more