The Fascia Iliaca compartment block: as magical as it sounds!

In case you haven’t gotten to this month’s EM:RAP, there’s a really great segment on an important ED procedure that we definitely don’t do enough of in the ED: the nerve block. The section discusses the femoral nerve block and how to perform a fascia iliaca compartment block (the “3-in-1” block)–which hits 3 major nervesRead more

Hurry Up & RUSH!

You’re working in RESUS, and you get a notification for hypotension. He’s a 65 year old male noted to be hypotensive to 70/40 by EMS. On arrival, he’s altered and unable to provide any history, and EMS doesn’t have much more information. You don’t see any signs of trauma. Your attending suggests performing a RUSHRead more

Supplemental Oxygen: a cautionary tale.

You’re working in the Cardiac Room as a new PGY-2 and the triage nurse calls you to evaluate a patient. He’s about 40 years old, slightly overweight, known to the ED for chronic alcohol abuse, and appears to be intoxicated yet again.The nurse tells you that when she checked his vitals, his O2 sat wasRead more