Daily EM Pearl 4/2

A 25 year old male presents with severe asthma exacerbation requiring intubation. His blood work and chest xray are unremarkable. You place the patient on a propofol drip but he fights the vent and requires increasingly high doses. The patient boards in the ED overnight, awaiting a bed in the MICU. The following morning hisRead more

2012 Ultrasound CME conference

The Mount Sinai Department of Emergency Medicine hosted its annual ultrasound CME conference held on March 22 at the Stern Auditorium. Faculty, fellows and PAs from a number of institutions took part in our eighth annual conference. The course was directed by Bret Nelson, MD and topics included ultrasound physics (Leila PoSaw, MD, MPH) and assessment of Read more

Ultrasound First

The AIUM recently announced a initiative to increase awareness of ultrasound as the first imaging modality to be considered when radiation exposure and cost are factors.  If you are a fan of the Image Gently campaign from the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging, you’ll like this ultrasound-centric vision even more. More information below, including theRead more

Low Frequency US

April 1, 2012: Researchers presented exciting new data on the use of extremely low-frequency ultrasound for the bedside diagnosis of a wide range of pathology. “We’re very excited by the technique,” remarked Bret Nelson as he described a method he has used for many years. With conventional ultrasound, sound waves above the range of humanRead more