Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound Course 2012

On March 22, 2012 the Division of Emergency Ultrasound will host its annual hands-on CME course at Mount Sinai. Targeted at clinicians in emergency and critical care settings, the course consists of presentations by national faculty and plenty of hands-on scanning with live models. Course highlights: Basic to advanced topics covered Organ system-based approach toRead more

Cardiac tamponade

One of the major indications for bedside cardiac ultrasound is the detection of pericardial effusion and its extreme form, cardiac tamponade. You may remember that Beck’s Triad (hypotension, jugular venous distension, and muffled or distant heart sounds) is pathognomonic for cardiac tamponade. You should also remember (to say to your colleagues who recite that tamponade isRead more

Pupillary Light Reflex

We’ve all seen ultrasound augment the physical examination and even allow for assessments we could not otherwise accomplish at the bedside. One great example is the use of ultrasound to check the pupillary light reflex. If you are wondering why a pen light would not suffice for this physical examination standby, you have never encounteredRead more

Snell’s Law

For some reason, most clinicians seem to grasp x-ray and CT scan imaging reasonably well. Denser structures are white, less dense are black, water dense structures are grey. Thus, when novice ultrasound users attempt to discern images created with sound, it can be confusing that bone and air both create bright white signal as wellRead more

NYSORA Winter Symposium 2011

Fellows Leila PoSaw and Gene Chan attended the NYSORA (New York School of Regional Anesthesia) Winter Symposium held on December 17-18, 2011 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel on Broadway. In addition to the expected excellent lectures and educational sessions, there was a new needle guidance system being demonstrated which may be of benefit to cliniciansRead more

Ultrasound in Cardiac Arrest

  Thanks to Dr. Wasserman, Ms. Thomas and all the folks at Beth Israel Newark Medical Center Emergency Medicine.  It was a pleasure to visit your shop today and talk about ultrasound in cardiac arrest.  As promised, you will find below a pdf of the handout, a revised RUSH in Arrest algorithm and a fullRead more